"She's changed my world..."

  • We've met clients in the ER at all times of the day and night.  We know our clients well, which enables us to communicate detailed, accurate information so that ER physicians can make more informed decisions.

  • We manage medications for numerous clients with interaction checks, filling pill boxes, and communicating with pharmacies. 

Debbie and Lisa organizing our clients' medications

  • We saved a patient from a permanent feeding tube after being misdiagnosed.

  • We met with staff at an assisted living facility in an effort to reduce medication errors.

  • We’re teaching a mentally ill client to shop for groceries. 

  • We moved a terminally ill client home and cared for her every need for the remaining months of her life.

  • We've participated in hundreds of physician visits and facilitated meaningful discussions.

Chris helping our client and her daughter at a doctor's appointment

  • We pushed for an exact cancer diagnosis when the medical team did not.  This enabled the oncologist to prescribe the correct chemotherapy regime.

  • We're training caregivers to communicate with Alzheimer's patients.

  • We relocated a client from a duplex to a retirement community so that he would be in a safer environment.

Debbie setting up housekeeping in a client's new apartment


Lisa adapting a desk to fit a wheelchair bound client

  • We installed a security system for a vulnerable adult client.

  • We facilitated legal documents that protected a client from family members who tried to abuse her financially.

  • We created a Facebook page for a client in a nursing home which enabled her to reconnect with friends.

  • We initiated and participated in fitting a multiple sclerosis client with a custom wheelchair that gives her more mobility. 

Chris working with the medical equipment specialist on a wheelchair design

  • We learned how to set up a fish tank for a mentally ill client.

  • We worked with Hospice to manage medications and pain control for a terminally ill client.

  • We worked with the staff at a nursing home to facilitate friendships for a depressed client.

  • We worked with a client, family, and physician to obtain a driving evaluation, and ultimately to relinquish driving privileges.

  • We took a client's beloved pet to the vet.

  • We make homes safer for our clients.

  • We went to Walmart...again...and again...and again.  We'll probably see you there.  

Debbie installing privacy blinds for our client to improve home security

  • We requested inspection of a gas fireplace which was found to have a potentially life-threatening leak.

  • We saved a client from a blood transfusion with the wrong type of blood.

  • We transport a wheelchair bound client to Knoxville every quarter so that she can follow-up with her most trusted physician.

Chris enjoying some therapeutic gardening with a client

And all along the way...we have a lot of fun!