I've had the privilege of working with some terrific people who have been kind enough to share their thoughts about Care Connections...



"It's been my pleasure to partner with Chris on a number of elder care cases. She's patient, thorough and detail oriented, working in a steady manner to make sure seniors have consistent and thoughtful care. Chris goes the extra mile for her clients and it really shows in her work".


"Home Helpers has been in operation since 2005, providing non-medical care to people, mostly seniors, in their homes, where ever “home” may be for them at the moment.  Sometimes we are hired by the client directly, but most often it is a family member who initiates care because they are aware that they are not able to provide the level of assistance that their family member needs or will need in the near future.  Making life easier for these people is Home Helpers’ main business focus.   Earlier this year we had our first contact with Chris Duggan who was looking for a home care agency to work with one of her clients.  I was dubious about introducing what I called “another layer of management,” but agreed to meet with Chris and investigate the possibility.  That was a great decision!

Chris herself is both intelligent and sensitive; she is enthusiastic about her profession, and adheres to the highest ethical standards without being stuffy or prim.  She interfaces with me and my caregivers, providing us with the guidance we need night or day, and she provides the clients and their families with assistance in keeping up with their ever-changing needs in a bewildering conglomeration of social, medical, and technical issues.  When families are out of town or are increasingly busy with their own responsibilities, Chris’s help provides breathing room for them with confidence that their loved ones are receiving all the attention they could wish for from someone whose knowledge of what is available to the elderly in the Chattanooga area is already impressive and is still growing.

Having resisted the notion of working with her, I now look forward to “sharing” clients with her because I know that she will make informed decisions about the client’s care that we are not legally able to make and we know that she will be there, whether it is to meet a client at the hospital at 3:00 AM or to attend a surprise party for them.  She will keep the client’s care plan up-to-date without my having to rely on caregiver feedback and ask questions of the client or family.  She absolutely loves her work, and her clients have to know that they are supremely important to her and that she will work tirelessly on their behalf.  She finds time to develop and nurture her professional relationships so that she will be on top of new developments in areas that may be of help, such as geriatric healthcare and newly-opened facilities for assisted living or the least expensive options for wheelchair transport". 







Dawn, caring daughter

Concerned daughter

Justin Cooke, MD, FAAFP

Derek Holland, MD

Dan, loving son

Al Secor, Esq.

Thomas and Thomas law firm

Sally L. Brewer, Care Coordinator

Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C.

Clare Parker, Owner of Home Helpers of Signal Mtn., TN

 Dana B. Perry, Esq.

Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, P.C 

Siobhan Duff, MD, CCFP, ABFP

"Our parents are in their late 80’s, and both are having physical problems as well as deteriorating mentally.  Dad was in charge of the finances, but it’s becoming obvious that he’s not up to the task.  My siblings and I are not geographically convenient to my parents, and are involved in careers and families.  The parents were starting to experience increasingly frequent crises of either a medical or financial nature, and we couldn’t drop everything to react.  We turned to Chris for assistance, and she has been a godsend by building a rapport with the parents and earning their trust.  She had made sure that appointments are both scheduled and kept, information is fully and timely communicated to doctors, and medication is organized and taken as directed.  She reviews bills received and advises Mom when to pay them.  Her suggestions have been instrumental in Dad’s getting more physical activity and practicing more consistent personal hygiene.  Chris is tenacious and doesn’t tolerate the parents’ evasion or objections.  She is empathetic and caring with Mom who bears much of the burden of on-the-scene caregiver for Dad.  We would be lost without Chris’ help!

"Chris takes time to understand the families she represents so she can provide personalized service. Her relationships with local doctors and other health care providers is invaluable since I do not live in Chattanooga. She is an outstanding advocate for my father and gives me peace of mind by coordinating care when I cannot be there".

"I have had the privilege of working with Chris and Care Connections over the past year.  With her expertise, we have been able to provide our patients with the type of comprehensive medical care that is so difficult to obtain in today’s medical system.  Her compassion, medical knowledge, and attention to detail is unmatched by any other care management program in our area.  I highly recommend Chris and Care Connections.  If you are considering care management or medical management for your loved one, you need look no further than Chris and Care Connections".

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Chris with several of my patients.  I am a community hematologist/oncologist here in Chattanooga.  Many of my patients and their families are struggling not just with the physical and emotional elements of illness, but also with anxiety over the logistics of their care.  Transportation to and from appointments, medical equipment at home, physical therapy, home aids, and nursing support – these are just examples of needs that many of our patients have each day.  Chris has been able to jump in and quickly assess each individual’s environment and situation, and help us develop a plan to help them at home and at the office.  I would recommend her without reservation to anyone who has questions about their own medical care, or who has a loved one with a chronic illness".

Chris,I can't begin to say what a Godsend you have been to our family!I called you when we no longer knew how to best help care for my mom and you have delivered more than we could have expected. You clearly have a great depth of knowledge of your field, and, perhaps more importantly, you have an obvious passion for your work and for those whom you serve. I wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone who wants to ensure their loved one is receiving the utmost level of care and attention.Thank you,

"There is caregiving and then THERE IS CARE GIVING!!  Chris Duggan and her staff at Care Connections provide a level of care giving unsurpassed in the Hamilton County area.  Their expertise in a wide range of physical and nursing therapies together with their fearless advocacy for the wellbeing of your loved one will enable you to sleep soundly every night knowing that loved one is receiving the finest care humanly possible.  Even when your loved one is resident in one of the area’s best facilities, adding the services of Care Connections is essential to making sure your loved one’s care is the best possible.  Other care managers may be as technically qualified, but none have the HEART of Care Connections!"

"I am thrilled to recognize Care Connections as one of the next big things in healthcare. The boomers are changing the face of how we deliver services in our society and Chris Duggan is right there with them! Care Connections services are provided through a conscientious plan of care that encompasses a holistic approach to aging in place and Chris Duggan's delivery showcases her compassion and commitment".

I am a family physician and have worked in the Chattanooga area for the past 23 years.  I met Chris Duggan three years ago in connection with the care of a mutual long standing patient of mine.  The patient and her husband were transitioning from their home to an assisted living setting.  Their daughter lives out of town, and this posed an increased challenge in meeting their daily needs.  Chris became involved with their daily care and healthcare coordination through Care Connections.  

Her involvement has been a literal Godsend for the family, but has also been very helpful for me and my staff.  She attends medical appointments when family is not able to attend.  She helps with coordination of any outside testing or specialist referrals, transportation, etc.  She assists with communication, and is available as a point of contact for any clinical changes or needs that arise on a daily basis.

Since that time, Chris and I have worked together with several other patients.  She is consistently professional and accessible.  I would not hesitate to recommend a patient or family to consider Care Connections when this type of extra support is needed.